I am an interaction Designer currently studying in Parsons, NYC, major in design and technology, MFA.

In the past two years, I had been employed as a graphic designer in EXISCHINA, which is an advertising agency in China, Baidu, which is one of the largest internet company in China, AUMCORE and Catch New York as UI/UX intern, which both are New York based creative agency, And currently working on a startup Linspia, which is a online education platform. During my tenure with my present and previous employers, I have had the opportunity to develop and hone my skills in different areas of designing, Visual design, UX design and prototyping. Thanks to my varied working and studying experience, I am today proficient in various types of designing work, including UI/UX design, Branding, animation, digital and physical installation, interaction design. I would define myself as an interaction designer and interactive artist. I believe in delivering user-centric, practical, cost-effective solutions and complete adherence to clients’ preference. My focus is designing user-centric solutions that are visually appealing and in consonance with the vision and values of clients.

Adobe Creative Suite
Creative Coding
Grid & Layout