Citale a travel app telling stories of NYC

This is a travel product that provides audio tours for NYC visitors to discover the fantastic unknown oral urban history and stories from live venues, buildings, and streets, in order to build up an immersive walking experience in NYC. 

APP Preview

Target User

City traveler, tourists, who love read books and listen to stories. 

Pain Point

When tourists first came to a city, they have a desire to find out the stories about the places, Citale would provide beautifully produced GPS audio walks that take you beneath the surface of cities around the world. Citale could be a new way to experience places.

Audio Tour Sample: Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Community Garden

During the process of product design, I collaborated with local some local community museums, CityLore, working on collecting new york oral stories. Recording and editing sound files, by adding ambient sound in original sound recording for achieving an immersive user experience.


UX Scenario

UI Preview

Comp 1_1

loading page

Comp 8_1

exist the tour

Comp 2_1

 MAP view/ LIST view

Comp 9_1

switch to tour mode

Comp 3_1

tap the pin

Comp 10_1

Change tour

Comp 4_1

read more

Comp 6_1

play the audio tour and keep swiping down


画板 1

Interaction flow



Usability test (click map)

Prototype in InVision

Acknowledging the user experience and the tiny screen on wearable devices, the apple watch app keeps only fundamental functions.


User Test