Easimenu is an APP running both on Smart Phone and wearable devices, helping users find a healthy recipe and assisting them to make a delicious meal.

Target User

Target users are those who love cooking, Young Professionals, Company Stuff, Working People, Young Couples. Families.

UX opportunities

People bring lunch to the office / go to market after work/cook meal at home

Pain Point



On the whiteboard, the design goal is improving users’ searching, shopping, and Cooking experience.  Target users are working people, young couples, family users, young professionals, age from 23 to 55. Besides, on the whiteboard, there are also some brainstorming on product’s benefits, two user scenarios, and key features on sketches.

User Flow

  1. On the recipe searching process, I came up with two searching logic, one is general searching by recipe name, another one is searching for combination with different ingredients.
  2. On cooking preparation phase, there is a function can easily add required ingredients to a shopping list, and either taking the shopping list to the local market or check out online and have a home delivery service.
  3. Along the cooking process, there should be a timer function.

There are five sections on bottom menus. Dishes-search by recipe name. Ingredients-search by the combination of ingredients. Searching history. Account. Shopping list.

On wearable devices, because of the small screen size, I keep 3 functions, browser recipes, cooking timer and shopping list. All the data will sync w/ smartphone.

Ingredients Searching UX



Inspired by Pinterest search, typed keywords will be a tag display on the searching bar.

Shopping List User Flow

Required ingredients can be easily added to the shopping list, users can check out ingredients online.

Cooking Timer Function

UI Set

Apple Watch UI